Planting an Herb Container Garden

Planting an Herb Container Garden

To enjoy fresh flavors in your kitchen year-round, plant a container garden of herbs for inside your home. With just a couple of pots and some herbs, you can complete this project in a couple of hours. Here are some simple tips to help you get started:

  1. Decide which herbs you would like to grow. Think about the herbs you use most often while cooking and use those as a guide. Here are some herbs that will thrive in container gardens.
  2. Choose containers with holes that will allow excess water to drain from the pots. If your containers do not have holes, drill some in the bottom of them. If the holes in your container are very large, you can place some small rocks in the pot to prevent soil from falling out.
  3. Fill your pots with potting soil and place your herbs on top to determine how you will arrange them in the pot. Once you have decided, plant the herbs in the soil. Fill in soil around the roots, firming it in as you go.
  4. Water your herbs to help them settle into place and add more soil on top if needed. Continue to water your herbs regularly. To determine if they need water, feel the soil three to four inches below the surface. If it feels dry, it is probably time to water.
  5. Harvest your herbs regularly. Herbs benefit from regular picking and will produce more growth in response. A good rule of thumb is to never harvest more than one-third of the plant at a time.

To learn more about herb container gardening, click here.

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