Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

home improvement value increase selling homeowner

Increase Your Home’s Value Before Selling

home improvement value increase selling homeowner

Getting top dollar on the sale of your home can be easier than you might assume. It’s natural to grow overwhelmed by the thought of home improvements, but there are a few steps you can take without putting much extra money into your home before you pass the key on to the new owner. Regardless of your budget for home improvements, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Montana is here to provide advice and assist in your plan!

One of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to improve your home’s value is a new coat of paint! Any chipped paint should be maintained, and if you’re ready for a full room to be repainted, toned-down colors are proven to be the best choice. Since prospective homebuyers want to envision themselves in the new space, it’s important to keep your stylistic choices to a minimum and make neutral color purchases. An average gallon of paint only costs $25, but it goes a long way toward making your home more desirable.

The best way to gauge your home’s curb appeal is quite simple — walk across the street and take a look at your property from a new perspective. This is a great way to put yourself in the place of a prospective homebuyer and discover improvements that can be made to the first impression of your home. You can even take a photo of your home from across the street and use your computer to change the image from color to black and white. Always avoid illuminating small issues such as cracks in walkways and hedges that need trimming. From the outside, you will want to do as much as you can to enhance the positive and hide the negative. Plant new flowers around your yard’s best features or add lanterns to your front stoop to guide a potential buyer’s eyes to your impressive front door. Make sure to take your new perspective to the side and rear of your home, since visitors will definitely take a peek around if they’re contemplating a purchase.

Air Quality and Energy Efficiency
Lowering the energy costs in your home can both boost potential sale value and save you money while you remain a resident. Although pricier than the above options, items such as double-paned windows, attic insulation and energy-efficient appliances can attract buyers. If you’re looking to make a vast energy improvement to your home, it might be a great time to consider solar panels. By scheduling an assessment with a certified energy auditor, you can determine the best ways to improve your home and pocket the most money — whether for short-term to increase sale value, or for long-term to make the home value increase over time.

For more quick tips and any questions you want answered about the selling process, reach out to one of our experienced loan officers today!

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