The Mortgage Method

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Step 1: Connect with a Fairway Mortgage Planner

Whether you have been referred by your real estate agent or are looking to be pre-approved for your mortgage, our team is here to support you.

Let’s have a 5-minute conversation about your goals!


Step 2: Download the FairwayNOW app or apply

We are happy to text you the link to download the FairwayNOW app to your phone. Enter your info here.

Step 3. Create a mortgage strategy & be pre-approved

We’ll empower you with everything you need to begin searching for a home. Go in feeling confident and get more out of the experience.

Try Our Mortgage Calculators

Let us send you your options via Mortgage Coach to give you a great comparison of your options.

Step 4: Work with a Realtor to find your home*

Step 5: Make an offer & sign a contract

Step 6: Close when you want with easy processing

Our team is ready to make your lending experience easy. If you are ready to move forward quickly, our operations team is the best in the business!

Get started today!

Step 7: Close happily

If you are ready to begin, please fill out the form below.


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